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Welcome to “Fricke Industries”

(a little tongue-in-cheek)

You likely landed here from a general google search. There’s quite a bit of stuff from around the web connected to a “Fricke” search. So, this top-level site offers some organization. Looking for something about the specific Art Fricke who does tech startup, technical writing, teaching, and occasional home reno work? If so, then here’s your starting point!

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One of the “real” life skills that I’ve developed over the years is a knack for home renovation and design. Rather than call in a designer and a general contractor for something like a full-kitchen rebuild, a full bath redo, etc, I’ve instead simply gone ahead and done these things myself. Why not, after all?

It’s not like plumbing, electrical, carpentry, etc requires a PhD.

That’s a quick rimshot joke you’ll get if you’ve taken a glance at my resume (try the prime rib and tip the waitstaff). The point is, I’ve now got quite a bit of experience under my (tool)belt dealing with a few pretty tricky renovation situations. And, thankfully, I still have a pretty perfect record of coming out pretty much on top.

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One of the main goals of this site is, pretty obviously, to hustle some professional work. I have some practical skills that I would like to actually use now that I’m moving on from academic teaching. My current nonacademic ~25/hr a week side gig at TimeForge is pretty rewarding. Unfortunately, however, TimeForge is located in Lubbock.

So, time to start working on moving on.

My portfolio page has examples of the web design, GUI design, user and hardware testing and documentation, and other technical writing and user experience work that I’ve accomplished in my first five months at TimeForge (plus a sprinkling of past life professional and academic work).

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My other current job is teaching ~75 Texas Tech University kids a semester in four sections of two courses: “Professional Report Writing” and “Intro to Technical Communication”. Since my teaching is (likely) nearing an end, I decided this semester to make my classes as “interwebily transparent” as possible.

Like the phrase? I think it’s meme-able.

The result is 50+ pages of webpage content, ~30 detailed slideshows, a dozen or so PDFs for document and genre examples, and LOTS of video snippets recording my in-class presentations, riffs, and bits. And also the occasional LOL cat, because my students seem to like a good cat meme.

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phone: 806/785-4910